Santa Fe Trail map.

Santa Fe Trail map.
Map of the Santa Fe Trail.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A new beginning...

 December 18th, 2014.      

         Well here I am at long last, resurrecting this blog site under a new name! This site is now dedicated to my books about true-life wild horse stories and the horses of my sanctuary in northern New Mexico and also to my historical fiction novels set along the Santa Fe Trail. The novels include adventure, romance and mystery with a past life twist! Stay tuned for the first installment, "Into the Shadowlands," due out in early 2015. For now these books will only be available online but I hope to rectify that... I am a history buff and lover of tactile and non-electronic things and so my dearest dream is to publish them in 'real' book form soon.

The trilogy of books I have written about true-life horse adventures are also available online. The first two, "Sky-Dog! ~ Some Horse Tails," and "Cimarron! ~ More Horse Tails," are also available in paperback. I will supply more information on that later. They are first editions with different covers and a smattering of minor typos but still very much the same books!

I do plan to do a ride along the Santa Fe Trail (wearing period costume and riding mustangs) some time this year. I'd like to do the ride to promote the two books "Into the Shadowlands" and "Brand Name," but also to promote wild horse adoptions and for my love of history too. This ride has been postponed twice but I will do it, in some shape or form, before too long. Time ticks by fast, faster and faster the older you get, so no time should be wasted on putting off until tomorrow what can be done today! 

I will sign off for now, but please stay tuned. This area in northeastern New Mexico is rich with history and character and ghosts and stories. I would like to use this site not only to promote the books and the horses but the region as well. Step back in time to a place largely untouched by time and discover a part of America you may not have known existed!

Yours sincerely, 
Anne J. Thomas.